Relief Valves:

Control system pressures – can be used to vent direct to tank or for crossline applications.


  • Direct Acting.  Simplest Relief Valve – good dirt tolerance.
  • Differential Area.  Quieter in operation than the direct acting Relief Valves.
  • Pilot Operated.  Have the best characteristic.
  • Presetable Caps.  Prevent unauthorised adjustment.
  • Ranges.  Up to 700 bar.
  • Mountings.  Line, panel or manifold mounting.

Valve Details:

Alt Text
Relief Valves  Direct ActingSize (BSP)
Cap TypesAvailable Cap Types for most Relief Valves       
V-241Line Mounted, Dual Crossline1/2",3/4"
V-369Line Mounted, Single,1/2",3/4"
V-441-ALine Mounted, Dual Crossline1/4"
V-441Line Mounted, Dual Crossline3/8",1/2"
V-448Banjo Mounted, Dual Crossline, OMP,OMR1/2"
V-452Manifold Mounted, Dual Crossline, OMP,OMR1/2"
V-467Line Mounted, Single, Differential Area, Crossline1/4",3/8",1/2"
V469-CLine Mounted, Single,1/4",3/8",1/2"
V-469Line Mounted, Single, Crossline1/4",3/8",1/2"
V-618Manifold Mounted, Dual Crossline, OMP,OMR1/2"
V-628Manifold Mounted, Single Crossline, OMP,OMR, with brake shuttle1/2"
V-665-CLine Mounted, Manual, High/Low Selector1/2"
V-9205Cartridge Pilot Operated Relief--
V-9575Cartridge Pilot Operated "Dumping" Relief--